My Art

I explore and reference pluralities of identities and emotional intimacy through abstract and vibrant visual compositions, challenging conventional notions, directions, and artistic templates.

My practice is a mixture of literality, naiveté, and abstract aesthetics—an invitation to explore your inner self.

My major sources of creative inspiration are femininity, the human body, unconventional social aesthetics, cultural diversity, sexuality, and stream of consciousness.

My palette consists of a wide variety of colours, from subtle aquarelle to hashish-bold spray and can paints. Colours are woven together with rough geometric shapes to emphasize the contrast between the story’s fragility and strength.


Purity and vanity

The stream of consciousness and the inherent duality in every person explore the space between the inner and outer selves, evoking the struggle and the power to go on.


NO restraint

Sexual fluidity and seductive freedom transcend cultural boundaries. “I am mine, and I decide for myself” is an ego rebellion, a break from tradition, and taking control of oneself.



A melange of two energies, a mix of femininity and masculinity, fragility and strength through boldness and sharpness as opposed to the vulnerability of the exposed body.


visual narrative

My goal as an artist is to depict the paradoxical strength and vulnerability of the human condition. My artwork explores femininity and the inherent duality in every person, exploring the space between the inner and outer selves and evoking fragility through the lens of vulnerability and strength. The struggle and the ascendancy.

Intimate and moral dramas, ups and downs, the triumph of ambition and the bankruptcy of vanities, everything that stumbles, abject and sublime.


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Style & art

The influences are just as pervasive as the leaf and the grass. They can be found in galleries all over the world, but also in graffiti art and vintage prints at flea markets.

All designers were influenced by art, and art was influenced by style. There is a close relationship between the two.

In the early 1900s, famous fashion designer Paul Poiret is credited with being the first to promote the symbiosis between designer and artist. “Paintings have always appealed to me. I feel as though they are my coworkers and that we are both a part of the same guild.”

Poiret was the mentor of Elsa Schiaparelli, the first fashion designer who managed to merge the two worlds. Since then, art has served as a creative muse for all designers.

Numerous successful unions between art and fashion have occurred; I only list four of the most significant ones here:

Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali

Yves Saint Laurent and Piet Mondrian

Marc Jacobs, with Stephen Sprouse and Takashi Murakami

Virgil Abloh and abstract artist Futura (Leonard Hilton McGurr)


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