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EN: After time management, definition of stress and self-esteem, all part of personal development category today I’m going to discuss about jealousy and envy.

Envy means fixedly how we perceive ourselves, rather than how we perceive others around us. Envy is about how confident we are in our own person rather than what someone else is doing. It is about what we do and not about the mountains that those around us climb. So it is not about how wonderful those around us are, but about how we feel. However, we perceive it in such a way that it seems that what we see in others reflects on us.

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Do you know what the difference between jealousy and envy is?

Jealousy moreover, makes you want to see the other worse. Jealousy is just the root of envy.

Envy, teaches us more about us than about the other. An example would be when you work hard and others are on vacation. Posting photos, visiting places, they seem to be having fun. All of a sudden you would also like to be there, to be in that place where those people are. That’s because we focus more on others than on our needs. You might be surprised that wishing so badly to be in someone’s shoes it can turn out not to be that pleasant once you got there. And find out wasn’t something you actually wanted and not something that makes you happy.

Firstly, have compassion for yourself, do not criticize yourself, be grateful for what you have and most importantly DO NOT COMPARE yourself with others! When, you manage to train your mind to be in control of your intelligence and consciousness then there will be no room for envy.

In conclusion envy monitors the blessings of others and not ours. A world without envy would be a better world for us all.

Until next time stay fashion!

From Romania with love!

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RO: Dupa managementul timpului, definitia stresului si autoapreciere, azi propun un alt articol din categoria dezvoltare personala si anume: gelozie si invidie.

Invidia inseamna fix cum ne percepem noi pe noi insine, mai curand decat cum ii percepem pe ceilalti din jur. Invidia este despre cat de increzatori suntem in prpria persoana, decat despre ce face altcineva. Este despre ceea ce facem noi si nu despre muntii pe care ii urca cei din jurul nostru. Deci, nu este despre cat de minunati sunt cei din jurul nostru, ci despre cum ne simtim noi. Insa, o percepem de asa maniera incat, pare ca ceea ce vedem la ceilalti se reflecta asupra noastra.

Stiti care este diferenta dintre gelozie si invidie?

Gelozie este cand iti doresti si tu ce are celalat insa, invidia este cand iti doresti ca doar tu sa ai. Ba mai mult, iti doresti s-l vezi pe celalat mai rau. Gelozia este doar radacina invidiei.

Invidia, ne invata mai multe despre noi decat despre celalat. Un exemplu ar fi atunci cand tu muncesti din greu si ceilalti sunt in vacanta. Posteaza poze, viziteaza, par ca se distreaza. Ti-ai dori si tu sa fii acolo, sa fii tu in locul acelor persoane. Asta, pentru ca ne concentram mai mult pe ceilalti decat pe nevoile noastre. S-ar putea sa fii surprins, ca dorind atat de mult sa fii in papucii altcuiva, se afli ca nu este ceea ce voiati de fapt si nu este ceva care va face fericit.

Aveti compasiune pentru voi, nu va mai criticati, fiti recunoscatori pentru ceea ce aveti si cel mai important NU VA MAI COMPARATI! In momentul in care, veti reusi sa va invatati mintea sa fie in control asupra inteligentei voastre si a constiintei voastre atunci nu va mai fi loc pentru invidie.

In concluzie, invidia monitorizeaza binecuvantarile celorlalti si nu pe ale noastre. O lume fara invidie ar fi o lume mai buna pentru noi toti.

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