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EN: I love vintage items! I like to combine them with modern elements but also wear just on their own to recreate a complete look from yesteryear.

It brings a terrible charm, isn’t it?

If you are in love with vintage pieces, it is recommended to wear only one piece of vintage clothing at a time within an outfit. Dressing yourself “head to toe vintage” will make you look completely outdated or you will simply look from another decade.

However, I choose to feel for a day as a protagonist of a cinematographic masterpiece of 50’s. Audrey Hepburn, an emblematic icon of the 50’s, revived the 30’s fashion, when she appeared with a head scarf.

Personally, I never have an issue wearing a head scarf or bandana, if the location is right or the cold has imposed so, I actually like it. I find the scarf a chic and very versatile item. You can wear it wrapped around your neck, shoulders, and head or tied to the handles of the bag. In childhood I loved to spend my holidays with my grandmother, who was overprotective and worried about me catching a cold, hence she used to cover my head all the time with a scarf. I remember now that she bought a beautiful burgundy scarf, which she was very proud of. Later in life, I had the opportunity to visit some Muslim countries so I have perfected my winding scarf “techniques”.

Depending on how you tie the scarf , you can create a mysterious, oriental look or you can think of the old movies like Thelma and Louise or fashion icons such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly -They appearances delighted us with their graceful elegance and femininity by choosing to wear a head scarf.

If you missed the pin-up style you can review here.

Until next time stay in fashion!

From Romania with Love!

“It is easily overlooked

that what is now called vintage

was once brand new.”

– Tony Visconti

Head scarf

RO: Iubesc stilul vintage. Imi place sa recreez o tinuta completa, dintr-o anumita perioada, dar gasesc fascinant sa combin piese noi cu moda retro.

Aduce un charm teribil, nu-i asa?

Este recomandat sa purtati doar un obiect vestimentar vintage in cadrul unei tinute si nu intreaga tinuta. Altfel, veti arata complet demodate sau pur si simplu veti parea din alta epoca.

Cu toate astea, eu am ales sa ma simt, pentru o zi, precum protagonista dintr-o capodopera cinematografica a anilor ’50.

Cea care a readus esarfa purtata pe cap in lumina reflectoarelor, reinventand astfel moda anilor ’30 a fost Audrey Hepburn, o figura emblematica a cinematografiei, recunoscuta pentru farmecul aparte si stilul personal desavarsit.

In copilarie, imi placea sa-mi petrec vacantele la bunica mea care, din prea multa grija “ca nu care cumva” sa racesc, ma imbrobodea fara drept de opozitie. Tin minte si acum ca imi cumparase un batic frumos, visiniu, pe care il purtam foarte mandra. Mai tarziu, pentru ca am avut ocazia sa vizitez cateva tari musulmane, mi-am perfectionat “tehnicile” de infasurare a esarfei.

Personal, nu m-am ferit niciodata sa-mi acopar capul cu o esarfa, batic sau chiar taclit, daca locul sau ambientul o impun, ba chiar imi face placere. Consider esarfa o piesa chic si foarte versatila. O putem purta la gat, pe umeri, pe cap sau legata de manerele gentii.

In functie de modul de a lega esarfa, poti afisa un aer misterios, oriental sau te poti asemana eroinelor din la filmele romance, precum Thelma and Louise sau adevaratelor fashion icons precum: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Brigitte Bardot, Sofia Loren, Grace Kelly, care ne-au incantat cu aparitiile lor pline de gratie, eleganta si feminitate. Iata, dar, ce poate face o esarfa!

Daca ati ratat stilul pin-up il puteti revedea aici.

Pana data viitoare ramaneti in tendinte!

Din Iasi cu dragoste!


Photography by IULIA VEICA

Maria in fashion Vintage bag head-scarf-3

“Happiness is a wine of the rarest vintage,

and seems insipid to a vulgar taste.”

 – Logan Pearsall Smith

Trench Vintage trenchVintage style Vintage style

Trench | Trench | ZARA

Head scarf | Esarfa | Vintage

Shoes | Pantofi | Benaza

Bag | Geanta | Vintage

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