Is Damask Still In Style | How to Wear Damask

Is damask still in style? How to wear damask in clothing? How difficult is it to wear this fabric mostly used in couture fashion? All these questions will find the answer in today’s post along with some complete outfit suggestions that are suitable for an evening out or a busy day, in case you do not have a strict dress code at work. 

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A glance into Damask History

The history of damask fabrics dates from 300 b.c. and is originated from China. However, it becomes popular and produced massively in the Middle East. The name itself comes from the city of Damascus. In Europe was first used by the French in the mid-fourteenth century.

Some Characteristics of Damask Fabric

The main characteristics are patterns created by a blend of weaving techniques. Thickness, which made it difficult to drape hence, is rather used in clothing for creating a more structure silhouette. It is also reversible due to the fact the pattern is reflected on both sides. In fact, this is one of the main differences between Damask and Brocard, which are usually mixed up. Also, Damask fabric is lustrous because it contains satin fibres.

Is Damask Still In Style
How to wear Damask

Damask in Clothing

Being is it is quite rigid and robust; it is used to create a structured silhouette. Decorative jackets, gowns, trousers all having simple cut lines. It is also used on accessories creation as bags because the pattern can lead to some unique high-end pieces.

In fact, in the couture industry, nothing screams “high end” more than damask. The big names couture houses draw their own patterns and weaving to complete the luxurious and uniqueness of their items.

How to wear Damask

Damask is a “heavy” fabric in terms of styling. It is rather suitable for dramatic and an eclectic/ creative style personality. Its richness of details and embroideries are not embraced by the more natural and toned-down personalities. In addition, I suggest avoiding wearing it on body parts you would like to distract attention from. For example, being a pear shape I was supposed to wear it on the upper part of the body, in order to visually add more structure and to distract the attention of my booty. But since I’m accepting my curves as they are, I never tend to hide them. I do, however, avoid in most cases pleats trousers because they add extra volume in that area.

If it makes you feel comfortable then wear it because it means it’s you. If you do not totally feel like yourself, avoid it. These are two of my beliefs and that’s how I suggest to my clients to assess cloth items.

Is Damask Still In Style

Dress Up Damask – Look Proposal

Today I proposed 3 complete looks.
The first one is dramatic; the elements having classic cuts. The detailed richness of the damask tailored trousers along with the golden smoking blazer screams drama queen. The pleated smoking shirt is braless because I sense the whole situation was too tense. LOL

I completed the look with a golden pair of stilettos for a cohesive monochromatic attire, so the overall picture is homogenous.

Staying on the gold fashion road, my second option. I paired the same trousers with a fluffy sleeved golden top also from Bonprix. I mentioned on several occasions I love to alter items so they flatter my body type and meet my taste, so I touched this top too with my magic baguette. What I did was to sew a little piece of stiff tulle on the shoulders for extra volume in that area.

Dress Down Damask – Look Proposal

Time to dress down. Just by adding a turtleneck sweater underneath the whole outfit changes. With a medium or oversize bag and a pair of loafers or oxfords, you are ready for a busy day. Looking stylish and daring at the same time, put together and serious.

Did you know that…

Once You'll find your style you'll never be out of fashion_Maria Drob Personal Stylist

TIPS: The extra volume on the shoulders area are recommended for pair shape as this will balance the body proportions. 

Golden Top Style

Searching on the internet I noticed that this type of fabric is indeed mostly used in couture and in some culture like India. There is highly used for special occasions gown and men suits. Personally, I saw some amazing men tunic blazers I wish I had. But, indeed I did not see too many outfits embraced by the large masses. I personally love it and I wish I see people daring more when it comes to fabrics and patterns.

I’m curious, do you have any item made of damask, brocard or jacquard? 


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Stay true to yourself, create your own style!

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