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Welcome to the magical world of MARIA. She is not comfortable with her approach. She is not satisfied with her search quickly or easily. She searches and researches with the frenzy of an archaeologist, a mathematician, and an artist. Search, create, twist. She thinks fashion should be about dreams and quests.

The Roznovanu Palace, located on the old Ulita Mare (Grand Lane) of Iasi, today hosts the current city hall, which […] This building, despite its current leadership, played a remarkable role in the political scene of the times. It is perhaps the most loaded with history and witnessed the most controversial alliances and bourgeois parties.

Like never before, on this holiday I only brought with me dresses, except for two pairs of shorts. On every vacation, my outfits follow a certain line. This year, the main focus was on ruffles because I wanted to be as close as possible to what I thought to be an authentic Spanish vibe. Barcelona is a particularly beautiful city […]

Milan, unlike most cities, has its attractions gathered together. Just to give you a brief idea: Duomo di Milano, also known as Duomo di Santa Maria Nascente, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Teatro alla Scala, Armani Hotel, and Brera District are all in the same area. About 3–7 minutes of walking. Further on, the Chiesa Santa Maria delle Grazie […]


men's shoes

The Male Moment is not necessarily about the latest trends; it is rather intended to be the alphabet of good taste. An informative guide where you will find information quickly, easily and well structured.

Black-tie does not mean wearing a tie of black colour because the expression does not translate literally. On the contrary, when the current appeared in 1885, it signaled the relinquishment of the tie.

The events where black-tie is suitable are award ceremonies, weddings, proms, or big milestone anniversaries.

Some aspects to consider:

√ Large or elaborate knots are suitable for special occasions;
√ Large tie knots are suitable for ties made of thin fabric such as silk;
√ For formal occasions it is preferable to limit yourself to a simple, medium-sized knot;

Did you know that women create the first impression of you by analyzing your shoes?

A pair of shoes with a stumpy or unkempt appearance will create an ugly image, no matter how good your hair looks. Because a pair of men’s shoes represents an investment, you must pay attention to the following aspects:


Eclectic and extremely original, Maria includes everything in a natural and amazing mix at the same time. It integrates perfectly anywhere, both in the countryside and at the palace. With an amazing ability to make impossible combinations possible, She’s not retro, she’s not postmodern; she’s timeless.

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