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My stylistic work combines elements of literary realism, romanticism, symbolism, and regionalism to tell a story that is both moving and “tragic”. I include everything in a natural and amazing mix at the same time. With an amazing ability to make impossible combinations possible

Although I was interested in clothes from a very early age trying on all my mom’s dresses and shoes and “painting” my face with her make-up I was never interested in fashion. For me, fashion equals trends, and trends inhibit people from expressing their true selves. 

As a teenager in the 90s and living in an ex-communist country, I did not have many options available to me in terms of clothing and I did not have a large budget. I remember the fascination with the “Neckermann” magazines brought by my cousin from Austria, which, at the time, I thought was a fashion magazine, only to find out later that it was a German mail-order company. I actually remember that I always collected clothes from my older cousins and then made modifications to them so that they had a more contemporary appearance and also better suited my body proportions. This served as a significant inspiration boost.

I feel that I’ve unconsciously known since then that we can tell the world who we are through our clothes.

Sometimes I was saving money for only 50 cm (0.55 yard) of fabric and I was sewing a skirt entirely manually because I lacked a sewing machine. Although all this seems like a struggle, it really was not. I was so passionate and I remember wearing everything I made with great pride. As a matter of fact, my girlfriends were borrowing clothes from me. So this was a great validation of my work.

I remember the shopping sessions with my parents, which were so rare. We did not buy lots of things. Instead, we made an experience out of shopping. The act of shopping was something personal and intimate — buying things that we were going to put in our wardrobe and wear again and again. And be creative.


Later on in life…

… having the opportunity to travel around the world (Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America) taught me a lot about culture, fashion, and art, but especially about the diversified tastes of people in the clothing field.

I’m still customising nearly every dress, skirt, shirt, or trousers to fit my body perfectly, thus giving a personal look. I think it all depends on how you wear what you wear without becoming a prisoner of trends. Juggling with what you have! Try things in ways you haven’t done before, without worrying about the opinions of others. Do not allow yourself to get bored. Open yourself up for inspiration and experimentation, and have fun, even when you’re wrong.


I sealed my talent and passion.

With a firm grip on fashion and styling, I made the transition to a personal stylist, fully qualified with a DISTINCTION from The London College of Style. Having the leading mark of educational quality by BAC (British Accreditation Council) provides me with the confidence, knowledge, and ability to develop my own brand in this highly sought-after field.


More About Who I'm & What I Do

Styling is my art! According to Fitzgerald, the best way to be a true individual and an artist is not to hide behind a pretence or attempt to blend in. Since 2014, I have been contributing to styling and fashion journaling throughout my fashion blog.

I was a frequent guest as a specialist on a variety of local television shows.
Among my favourite things to do is educate others on interesting fashion facts and provide helpful styling tips, as well as introduce distinctive characters who are at the heart of both classic and contemporary fashion collections across videos and social media posts. It is my pleasure to use this little space on the web to thank all those people who helped me on my way to success and inspired me at one time or another.

Nevertheless, style is not my only art. Much like Michelangelo’s recreations of the Sistine Chapel’s Bible frescoes, I replicate my passion for art by painting abstract art using a unique approach of applying paint over the surface of a “customary” painted representation such as a portrait, history, genre, or landscape painting. My other art lies in handmade flower brooches and personalised pottery with abstract graphics. When pressed to choose one art form I prefer over another, I can do nothing but give the spotlight to all my art forms and say I love them equally.


Let’s stay connected!

I can help you build an image, a story of your own with various cultural shortcuts, subtle and incredible combined.

My creative and imaginative art bricolages real-life characters and style experiences. My art is about you, about your favourite movie, about the lyrics of your favourite song, about your favorite book, about the colour that makes you feel relaxed, about your favorite travel destination, about the things that make you dream, about the words that calm you the most.

As an image maker, I see a future where personal style surpasses social misconceptions, clichés, stereotypes, and preconceived beliefs about how a person should look.


Expressing yourself through the way you look, the world will perceive you exactly as you are and will certainly acknowledge you. Style is a short and simple word that can express so much.

In this era of fast fashion and new brands exploding onto the scene every day, we need more than ever to stand out and show our individuality.

What kind of fashion, art, music, and attitude are you?


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