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I can help you build an image, a story of your own with various cultural shortcuts, subtle and incredible combined. I’m like a designer collection, a designer character – with a vision, with cultural references, with details, with surprise elements, starting from a theme:

As a personal stylist, I view myself as a storyteller. Fashion is not just about what we wear, but it is also about the stories we tell through our clothing choices. Like a cultural anthropologist, I study the ways in which fashion reflects and shapes our identities, cultures, and societies.

Just as a painter uses a canvas to tell a story through colour and composition, I use clothing to tell a story through texture, pattern, and style.

Each garment is a brushstroke that adds depth and complexity to the overall narrative of my client’s personal style.

I believe that fashion is a language, and as a storyteller, it is my job to help my clients find their voices and tell their own unique stories. Whether drawing on cultural references, historical influences, or contemporary trends, I work to create a style narrative that is both authentic and meaningful.

Whether you need a season update, a complete transformation, a capsule wardrobe, or just some help with doing mindful shopping and avoiding impulsive buys, online personal shopping services come in very handy. Save your time from spending hours scrolling through and feeling overwhelmed with the multitude of choices only to be disappointed when your packages finally do arrive, as the items are not a reflection of self, they are rather trends influence or best friends taste.

MEN Style

men's shoes

Welcome to the magical world of MARIA. She is not comfortable with her approach. She is not satisfied with her search quickly or easily. She searches and researches with the frenzy of an archaeologist, a mathematician, and an artist. Search, create, twist. She thinks fashion should be about dreams and quests.

Men’s style It’s a service like a puzzle piece that leads the way for the modern man to take pride in his appearance. A personal stylist is a person who introduces you to yourself and helps you build a wardrobe based on your personality and the best-fitting and flattering colours.

I believe that many men nowadays face body image and style pressure to look “fit” or “dress sharp”, similarly to that historically faced by women. This is where a knowledgeable personal stylist can really benefit men.

Men’s wardrobe styling generates a functional wardrobe that works for you. A functional wardrobe is a perfect solution for helping you find the right outfits for your lifestyle, budget, body shape, and style. I’m not changing who you are; I’m revealing who you are.

My knowledge as a personal stylist encompasses a wide range of brands, from designer labels to high street retailers, thus giving me the ability to offer you tips and tricks so you can develop an exquisite image. You will have the advantage of my skills and fair assessment as you shop for clothes that fit and compliment your physique while permitting your personality to radiate through. I will guide you on how to pull looks together, picking both new outfits and pieces that can be integrated into your current wardrobe.

LIVE Webinars

Eclectic and extremely original. Her stylistic work combines elements of literary realism, romanticism, symbolism, and regionalism to tell a story that is both moving and tragic. Maria includes everything in a natural and amazing mix at the same time. It integrates perfectly anywhere, both in the countryside and at the palace. With an amazing ability to make impossible combinations possible, she’s not retro, she’s not postmodern; she’s timeless. Modernity and history at the same time: Making Natural. Each one of her pieces becomes the highlight of the space she is placed in, simply because she is always faithful to herself.

Accessories are especially important. They have the power to completely change your look and to silently “tell” your story. It is a way to spice up your outfits by incorporating smaller pieces, like jewellery, belts, scarves, hats, gloves, eyewear, bags, shoes, etc., into your outfit. These items aim to complement the rest of an outfit.

SUCCESSFULLY STYLISH | Style Guide for the Career Woman

It only takes 7 seconds to form a first opinion. Research has been done and it turned out that in an interview a person can get a job or not, even before getting the chance to open their mouth, just based on what they were wearing. In a business environment, as in the everyday world, the immediate visual identity is the one that generates the first impression.

How to MIX & MATCH colours

There has been a lot of research on how colours can affect our day-to-day lives. Colours can impact your mood or can have the opposite effect, boosting your level of energy or giving you a sense of empowerment. It can also influence the way others see you. Colour communicates different emotions, intentions, and meanings.

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