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I would like to introduce you to this amazing polka dots dress style. My addiction to polka dots it’s not a secret anymore but this mermaid dress cut is a MUST. Stylish with a feminine touch and a vintage twist.

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How to wear a polka dot dress

Wear it with grace! Yes, polka dots have a particular grace and shape perfection. As we all know the circle is the most perfect shape of all graphics. 

How to style a polka dot dress

Polka dots dress style is like the sky, it has no limits! I do however, prefer to associate dots with red or pink, denim or leather. I do not like it with tailored jackets because I sense an outdated look. Polka dots it is a vintage piece/ print so the line between a modern look and an old one is very thin.

What era is a polka dot dress

Well… it is hard to tell with precision which era the polka dot dress belongs. The history books assign it to the vintage 20s fashion but it was quite present in the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. In my opinion is present even now days.

My today’s choice is a vintage 20s inspired outfit especially due to the stilettos design. This sexy dress was sent to me by bonprix.ro and it arrived exactly before Easter so I was beyond excited to wear something new exactly right after finishing renovating my house. So, for me was something like new house new dress. :) 

By the way, the dress is still in stock so hurry up and get yours. Believe me this dress is an ever green, will never be outdated as it’s not conditioned by trends. It’s an investment and not a spend.

20s vintage outfit

Gorgeous Polka Dots Dress BONPRIX | Vintage Red Stilettos BENAZA | Armchair IKEA | Pillow KUGLEASK JYSK

Witness my polka dots addiction here, here or here and here & don’t forget to tell me your opinion in the comments below.

Polka Dots Dress Style
polka dot dress style
vintage 20s inspired dress

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