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The Suit Jacket – Empowering Dress

Suit Jacket

The Suit Jacket – Empowering Dress I enjoy playing with choices, so that would feel like a slight exaggeration of something I remember, but not like a massive exaggeration. The flower brooch is part of my signature distinctive style and is being integrated into most of my outfits. What inspired me to choose such a […]

ZEBRA print | Fashion Cultural Appreciation

ZEBRA print

ZEBRA print | Fashion, Cultural Appreciation I consistently tell that we should look at things in context to see the image behind the image, the story behind the story, the overall picture, and what went into making it. Regardless, we’re talking about nature, which is the most magnificent artistic creation, or a song and the […]

Fa-ti rai din ce ai – fashion is not about the money

Iris Apfel

EN:  As Iris Apfel, the most controversial and cool fashionista once said – “people who have a lot of money do not dress as well as people who have to do and be inventive.” Build a haven of what you have! Fashion is not always about how much money you have, is the line that […]

Respectul de sine – cum sa ne apreciem

How to Love and Appreciate Yourself

Ce inseamna respectul de sine? Respectul de sine, inseamna sa te iubesti, sa te apreciezi si valorizezi pentru tot ceea ce esti si ceea ce nu esti. A te aprecia si valoriza inseamna sa crezi in tine si in ideile tale cu toata taria ta si sa-ti iubesti toate trasaturile fizice asa cum sunt ele. […]

When vintage meets rock

Biker jacket

EN: That moment when after almost 2 months without creating a blog entry,  I decide to go for a photo shoot and guess what? It was raining and raining! – enough to ruin my precious curls. But life is to short not to enjoy the beauty of rain. <3 Now let me introduce you to today’s outfit. […]