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The Evolution of Fashion and Its Psychological Impact on Society

evolution of fashion

The Evolution of Fashion and Its Psychological Impact on Society Some argue that fashion evolved into a form of self-expression, while others believe it’s a way to conform to societal norms. But what happens when the two clash? Take the trend of ripped jeans, for example. Is it a way to rebel against the norm, […]

The Suit Jacket – Empowering Dress

Suit Jacket

The Suit Jacket – Empowering Dress I enjoy playing with choices, so that would feel like a slight exaggeration of something I remember, but not like a massive exaggeration. The flower brooch is part of my signature distinctive style and is being integrated into most of my outfits. What inspired me to choose such a […]

Envy and jealousy – how to overcome them


EN: After time management, definition of stress and self-esteem, all part of personal development category today I’m going to discuss about jealousy and envy. Envy means fixedly how we perceive ourselves, rather than how we perceive others around us. Envy is about how confident we are in our own person rather than what someone else […]

Respectul de sine – cum sa ne apreciem

How to Love and Appreciate Yourself

Ce inseamna respectul de sine? Respectul de sine, inseamna sa te iubesti, sa te apreciezi si valorizezi pentru tot ceea ce esti si ceea ce nu esti. A te aprecia si valoriza inseamna sa crezi in tine si in ideile tale cu toata taria ta si sa-ti iubesti toate trasaturile fizice asa cum sunt ele. […]

The Pomodoro Technique – the tradition of 25 minutes

The Pomodoro Technique

EN: The Pomodoro Technique was founded by Francesco Cirillo to help us organize our time in a more efficient manner. Basically, with this technique, work time is divided into 25-minute intervals. Because we always feel as if we run against the current, it would be more beneficial to learn to use the time in our […]