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Zaga Zaga resort- evadarea de weekend

Zaga Zaga

I have wanted to write this article for a while, but I am still working on my relationship with time! I heard about Zaga Zaga resort only this year, while on a team-building exercise with the company I work for. After a quick search, I discovered that it only opened last year, hence I would […]

Respectul de sine – cum sa ne apreciem

How to Love and Appreciate Yourself

Ce inseamna respectul de sine? Respectul de sine, inseamna sa te iubesti, sa te apreciezi si valorizezi pentru tot ceea ce esti si ceea ce nu esti. A te aprecia si valoriza inseamna sa crezi in tine si in ideile tale cu toata taria ta si sa-ti iubesti toate trasaturile fizice asa cum sunt ele. […]