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Is the ultimate question every year around this season… what color winter coat should I buy, what kind of winter coat should I buy… and so on and so forth.

What winter coat should I buy? In winter we tend to wear blacker or very dark colors. Today I propose to dare you with a statement coat, having a lively colored print, made out of brocade. Brocard we already know is a heavy fabric, with imprints that are difficult to overlook. For this reason, I have dressed it down with a pair of simple jeans and a white t-shirt. Besides the need to keep us warm in cold season, a coat must be beautiful and cheerful.

Winter coat

The variants for wearing them are unlimited. From simple jeans, to miniskirts, midi or even maxi (if your height allows you), with dresses, culottes pants, straight trousers or leather trousers.

What winter coat should I buy

When asked what winter winter coat should I buy, the answer should come simply: what suits your proportions and be in the right shade for your pigmentation. I, having an intense pigmentation, whoch match bright, strong colors. Important is also, the type of fabric from which the winter clothing is made, some fabrics reflects light others attract light. The brocard fabric, it has silk in it’s composition, so it reflects light. That light will be reflected on our face making you look rest and revived.

Brocard coat

The basics criteria for choosing a winter coat are:

Where should you buy a winter coat from? Well… I bought mine from BonPrix.ro.

The coat model I’m wearin in this post is my favorite at the moment. I wore one on grey in this post but I also have one in beige that you can see it here.

Until next time stay stylish… and worm!

Colorful hugs from me!

Photo by: ©me

Mantou scurt

Fall outfit

Blue jeans

Midi Coat Bonprix.ro | High Waist Mom Fit Jeans Stradivarious | Anna Cori Heels | Customisez white T-shirt ZARA | CHANEL Classic Handbag 

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