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Are you a jetsetter or a Preservationist?

Do you belong to the elite club of trendsetters or the old-school group of traditionalists? These categories were invented to make people strive for certain lifestyles, but they’re often based on outdated cultural stereotypes like measuring creativity by sportswear vs. haute couture or “streetwear” vs. tailoring.

The once-exclusive esoteric world of fashion has become a public playground for both, a fashion world where Jetsetters and Preservationists coexist. In this age of the “new normal,” anyone can join the fashion party, forget about being an Explorer or a Fundamentalist and ask yourself instead how much of each character is embodied in your own fashion sense.

So, are you a high-flying Jetsetter or a history-loving Preservationist?

It’s time to ditch the outdated notions of what’s cool and what’s not whether you prefer sneakers or designer shoes, jeans and a t-shirt versus a suit and tie, or even better mix streetwear with haute couture or sportswear with tailoring.

Cottagecore Fashion
get seen in a world of the attention economy

With my unique approach, I can help you build an image, a story of your own with various cultural shortcuts, subtle and incredible combined.

I’m like a designer collection, a designer character – with a vision, with cultural references, with details, with surprise elements, starting from a theme:

Seamless process

02/ Design

This is where the magic happens. I will dive deep into your world and I will design the story character that best represents you, which is a clear reflection of your true personality and purpose. My styling approach is extremely original. My stylistic work combines elements of literary realism, romanticism, symbolism, and regionalism to tell a story that is both moving and striking. With an amazing ability to make impossible combinations possible, my work blurs the lines between poetry and prose, reality and fantasy, surface and depth. I'm not retro, I'm not postmodern. I set my own trends and don't work within any pre-existing mould. Modernity and history at the same time: heritage re-fashioned.

03/ Deliver

I will travel in the metaverse, I will study a lot, and I will archive a lot because that's the only way I can think and create instinctively. The result will be a change in mindset with ramifications that will spiral out into every area of your life. Once the pre-selection of items has been completed, I’ll provide you with a mood board of looks (mix & matches), an almanack of visual references, along with a digital edit of links to review and purchase online. This does not oblige you to purchase anything if you do not wish to. Our session is interactive, so you can ask any questions you might have. With this new "vocabulary" in mind, you can now make your own informed decisions on what to wear and when. You will learn your own "rules," tips, and shortcuts. Above all, I will help you internalize the new persona I've created for you, a style as new as tomorrow's headlines.

How It Works

01/ Determine

I'll evaluate your personality, lifestyle, and expectations. I'll evaluate your preferences and the areas in which you require assistance and take the time to discover your individual needs. What's working and what's not for you? Does your current wardrobe reflect your lifestyle and ideal appearance? Does it make you feel good about yourself? Does it help you attract the people you desire? By working with me, you will enjoy a personalized, direct, and effective approach that is tailored to meet your needs.

You’re on this page because you intuitively know there is a powerful force within you, striving to come forth.

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Personal Shopping Experience
$ 1980 All consultations are tailored to individual needs and rates vary accordingly.

Bespoke Approach

As a personal stylist, I see myself not only as a fashion consultant but also as a storyteller. I believe that the clothes we wear are a reflection of our personal narratives and cultural backgrounds. Just like a writer carefully chooses words to craft a story, I carefully curate outfits to convey my clients’ unique narratives.

In many cultures, clothing serves as a form of communication and storytelling. For example, traditional African textiles are rich with symbolic motifs that convey cultural history and values. Similarly, the intricate embroidery of a Mexican huipil tells the story of its maker’s community and heritage.

As a stylist, I draw on these anthropological and cultural references to create outfits that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also meaningful. By incorporating elements of my client’s personal and cultural narratives into their wardrobes, I help them express their unique identity and tell their own story through the clothes they wear.

Just like a storyteller, I am passionate about creating a narrative that resonates with my clients and helps them feel confident and empowered in their personal style.


Most frequent questions and answers

A: I will honor a 48-hour cancellation notice for a full refund. For any short notice, 50% of the consultation fee will be charged. Please note that consultations must be carried out in person on Zoom.

A: The PERSONAL SHOPPING SERVICE is an online STYLE & SHOPPING consultation session that makes it easy and fun to stay committed to your true self and not fall into the trap of overbuying stuff you might never wear. It’s not about shopping! It is about saving time, money, and energy by creating a wardrobe that is no longer the enemy. It’s about mindfully selecting every item in your closet and maximizing the usefulness of each piece, for all seasons and any occasion. Consider me your style coach! You will receive a full style report on what’s aligned with your personality, lifestyle, and body proportion, along with a moodboard of outfits with direct links to shops. Your visual almanac. That will be your aesthetic storytelling. It helps you save time and shop with intention and purpose.

I will help you build an image, a story of your own with various cultural shortcuts, subtle and incredible combined. I take out all the guesswork to make your personal growth practice easy and fun! You will be able to access and review the style report for an infinite amount of time. You can access all the content on your phone, computer, or tablet. Take me with you on the road, or to your favourite coffee shop.

A: If

  • You struggle every day with what to wear.
  • You are wearing the same couple of outfits that look more like a uniform than a personality statement.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the number of clothes gathered over time. Despite having lots of clothes, you still feel like you have nothing to wear.
  • You feel like you never find what you are looking for, yet you always feel like you’re in a continuous search for personal style and the more you buy, the less you wear most of the stuff.
  • You find it hard to choose among the pollution of products.

The PERSONAL SHOPPING will give you the structure and guidance you need to stay on the wagon. Plus, you’ll have me as your style support system. PERSONAL SHOPPING is for anyone who wants to stay consistent with their personal image and build a distinctive and recognisable character—whether you’ve been flirting with fashion & style for years or just decided to tell your story through a personal image.

A: The PERSONAL SHOPPING is available internationally. Whether you are too busy, you prefer the comfort of your own space, or you simply live across the world, you can access my style-savvy services. Styling is not about barriers; in fact, it is about breaking them, so you shouldn’t have any either. Thanks to technology, everyone can have the online personal stylist they deserve. You can access the PERSONAL SHOPPING service from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. And to make it SUPER easy to stay consistent and help you internalize your new super self, I’ll send an email with a full-style report and suggestions at the end of the session to offer you clear direction on how to enhance every aspect of your style.

A: The initial pre-consultation takes roughly two hours. For the style report presentation and discussion, you’ll need another two to three hours maximum for you to assimilate and internalize all the style characteristics. Obviously, I will email you the style report and you can spend all the time you want. All the additional work and research is on me:) Who says fashion and style aren’t binge-worthy?

A: Yes! The PERSONAL SHOPPING is for anyone who already has OR wants to have a distinctive and recognisable image. All you need to start is the desire to learn! The PERSONAL SHOPPING gives you flexible structure, support, and inspiration as you begin your journey. In fact, it’s an awesome place to start! Instead of going in a million directions and feeling overwhelmed, you can lean on my guidance and start your aesthetic storytelling with clarity.

Style is not about fashion! It’s about communicating. What you wear tells the world, loud and clear, who you are on the inside. It’s about dressing for your best self every day. It’s about looking and feeling great.

A: Definitely! The PERSONAL SHOPPING will enhance your current personal style and help you stay consistent in having a distinctive and recognisable personal image. Your story, your signature. I’ve been on a fashion and styling avenue for a long time. Nowadays, even the most passionate person can get overwhelmed by hours of scrolling and by the multitude of choices and images exposed. It is easy to lose ourselves and be knocked off track by algorithms, social media validation, and, ultimately, trends. That’s why I created the PERSONAL SHOPPING service, which is more than some style tips and tricks; I’m a character designer and an aesthetic storyteller. I will meet you wherever you are and make it effortless and fun to stick with your true self and try new avenues, no matter what the trends dictate! Plus, my full-style report will give you clear direction on the small actions you can take to get your unique and magnificent image.

A: Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! I honour your commitment to the process, and I understand that, at times, you will need support. Let me know how this process is going for you. I want to be by your side as you embark on this most personal and rewarding transformation. I can’t wait to see the results.

On-demand, you have the option to access the Style Feedback Service for the price of $90 per hour or real-time feedback within the limits of 8 outfits or style quests over the course of one month from the moment of payment.

If you opt for the one-hour Style Feedback consultation, all you have to do is to gather as many pictures of you wearing the outfits you’re undecided or unsure of to be discussed over the course of a full hour. Also, you can address the style questions that have you totally dismayed.