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Attention women’s workwear suggestion and trendy work clothes on a budget are what we will be discussing today!

Being we are slowly going back to the so-called “normal” office life we are starting to be more preoccupied and the question “what to wear today for work” is back in our minds. Are you feeling the morning panic in front of your dressing, is the inspiration failing you again, have you overslept and you are in a big rush right now with no time to think through? In this case, a suit is the saving solution. But not any suit, today I’m proposing the double-breasted suit. 

Why is this special? Because it has lots of guidelines in relation to the body type.

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You can take on the world in a good suit!

Work Wear - Double Breasted Grey Suit
Work Wear - Double Breasted Grey Suit
Double Breasted Grey Suit
Double Breasted Grey Suit

Trendy work clothes on a budget suggestions

The idea that buying a suit you have to spend a fortune is overrated. Nowadays we have multiple sources of purchasing qualitative and nicely done business suits, smart suits or any suitable workwear attire. Also, the idea that suits are difficult to be worn in the summer does not apply anymore. There are a variety of fabrics that are cooling while you still look professional.

I personally got mine from Bonprix and I mostly choose it for the light fabric so suitable for summer days and its versatility in terms of colour and mixing and matching.

At the end of this post, you will see a carousel of some picks that workers with the suit pieces wear separately. Depending on your body shape I choose some A-line skirts or pencil skirts, some various tops to be worn underneath the blazer or just simply paired up with the trousers and some accessories to consider.

In terms of shoes, you can simply pair them up with some comfy ballet, oxford, brogues, loafers or even a pair of white converse if the office dress codes allow.

Growing up, I thought wearing a suit is a burden.

– Vincent Piazza 

BonPrix Office Wear Suit
BonPrix Office Wear Suit

Why a grey suit?

I choose this shade because is a classic, in addition, the psychology behind grey states security, reliability, intelligence, modesty, maturity, conservatism and practicality. Qualities and values you would like to be displayed at your workplace.

The double-breasted suit in relation to body type

Bear in mind that the double-breasted blazer might add an additional volume to the upper part of the body, yet in my case being, I’m a pear shape the added volume is intentional. However, precisely for this reason, the straight cut of the jacket is not quite flattering hence the input of a good seamstress is beneficial to alter it a little bit the backline so will follow my body curve. 

“The clothes don’t have to suit you, you have to suit the clothes”
– Karl Lagerfeld

Further on I’m pleased with the length of the suit jacket because it’s covering the widest part of my body. And I also love the line of the trousers but mostly I love that they are pleat free. Which, again, in my case would add unwanted volume where I do not want any extra. 

From workwear to eveningwear
From workwear to eveningwear

The transition from workwear to evening out

Since most of us live crazy busy lives not always have the extra time to get home and change of an evening out. Or, in some cases, the decision to go out is so sudden that is not even worth the drive to get change. 

For this situation, a slip top underneath or a lace corset can save the night and bring you from faithful to sinner. LOL Just keep in your bag a spare string of pearls for “emergency situation”, red lipstick and a pair of heel in your office cabinet. 

A yellow scarf or a fuchsia or an orange one can also save the night. Whatever you decide is stylish and just have fun.

Suit up and be awesome!

Slip Top
Casual slip top
Click Here
Thin Red Belt
Thin Belt Set (Navy Blue & Red)
Click Here
Yellow Office Dress
Yellow Office Dress Perfect Match With Grey
Click Here
White Straight Leg Trousers
White Straight Leg - Office Trousers
Click Here
A line Midi Skirt
A-line midi skirt with buttons
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Leather A-Line Shirt
Leather A-Line Midi Office Shirt
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Pencil Shirt
Plaid Pencil Shirt
Click Here
Black Lace Body
Black Lace Body
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Blue Office Shirt
Classic Silky Blue Office Shirt
Click Here
Coral Office Bow Top
Coral Office Bow Top Sleeveless
Click Here
Slide Heading
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
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Orange Scarf
Orange Scarf - Warm Undertone
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Stay true to yourself, create your own style!

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    1. Indeed, grey suggests a sense of security, reliability, intelligence, dignity, maturity, and practicality. That is why is so often seen in the business environment.

  1. That’s so cool! Double breasted blazers are my favourite for a professional look :D

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