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Brown Polka Dots | From Pretty Women to Iconic

Brown Polka Dots

Brown Polka Dots | From Pretty Women to Iconic The polka dot, a popular pattern in the 1950s, is still a stylish choice today. It’s the delightful attribute of an exquisite, feminine appearance, thanks to its vintage aura. They made their way into many creative fields, as shown in the following rows, pleasing our eyes […]

Sustainable Fashion | Covid Impact on Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion | Covid Impact on Fashion Today’s topic is sustainable fashion guidelines and how COVID-19 impacted the fashion industry. This is going to be a long article in which I have put a lot of work and research because I wanted to display a clear picture of what sustainability really means and what we […]

The vintage head scarf – 50’s fashion


EN: I love vintage items! I like to combine them with modern elements but also wear just on their own to recreate a complete look from yesteryear. It brings a terrible charm, isn’t it? If you are in love with vintage pieces, it is recommended to wear only one piece of vintage clothing at a time […]

When vintage meets rock

Biker jacket

EN: That moment when after almost 2 months without creating a blog entry,  I decide to go for a photo shoot and guess what? It was raining and raining! – enough to ruin my precious curls. But life is to short not to enjoy the beauty of rain. <3 Now let me introduce you to today’s outfit. […]