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Tourist in Barcelona

Tourist in Barcelona

Being a tourist in Barcelona has been a dream of mine for a few years, and it has finally materialized. Ole! 🙂

Was it worth the wait? I can say with all my heart that yes, it was!

Would I ever return as a tourist to Barcelona? Yes, but only for a city break to finish seeing what I did not manage to do this time.

Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan and vibrant city, full of colour and contrast. It is a multicultural city with people coming from all over the world, which is why I believe the Latin culture of the place is losing its identity year by year.


During this vacation, I expected to have a 100% Spanish experience. I was looking forward to the food, the music, and, of course, dressing like a Latina chica.

The food and the Sangria did not disappoint (except for the very high prices). I ate a great Paella and I was in some of the finest Tapas places. As far as the music is concerned, they have become very commercial like most countries 🙁 , Spanish music has not made its presence felt on any terrace, restaurant or club. We were lucky with the locals, who brought their own devices on the beach, and so we were delighted with some Latino rhythms.

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Like never before, on this holiday I only took dresses with me, except for the two pairs of shorts. On every vacation, my outfits follow a certain line. This year, the main focus was on ruffles because I wanted to be as close as possible to what I thought to be an authentic Spanish vibe.

Barcelona is a particularly beautiful city with special architecture and an exceptional urban plan. There is no street corner where you will have an ugly background. It is absolutely gorgeous and very instagramable. 

Outfit Matter

Some Tourist Attractions

The tourist attractions I checked were Ciutadella Park and Arc de Triomphe. These were easy for us as we were accommodated in this area, hence it was a pleasure to see them daily <3.

We got “lost” through the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, ending a day filled with good energy with a visit to the Gothic Cathedral. 
In the last two days, we have spent time visiting the multi-coloured Park Güell and, of course, the Sagrada Familia, two artworks by the famous architect Antonio Gaudí. The combination of several architectural styles: Art Nouveau, Catalan Modernism, Noucentism, and Spanish Gothic Architecture, makes the Sagrada Familia an exceptional monument. The colour and light play create a breath-taking show.

About Güell Park, opinions are divided. Some are saying it’s too small, others are saying that apart from the famous mosaic lizard, you do not have much to see. I say it is amazing! An explosion of colour and shapes merged into a unique style, like everything that belongs to UNESCO heritage.

Did you know that Gaudi designed the park with a religious and, at the same time, organic and urban significance?

I’ve come back from Barcelona with a big love for mosaics. In my mind, I already envision my new house 🙂.

A drop of decadence 

Out and about… about what? Two girls are having a night out. I forgot to mention this was a girls’ vacation and, apart from the cultural, shopping, and dressing up parts, going out was also a must on our to-do list. 
So, watch out, all the single ladies!!! Barcelona is the place to be if you want to have fun. 
My girlfriend and I beat any previous record for “picking up” men. 50, to be more exact, in one night alone. Although we didn’t pick up any, they atrociously attempted to pick us up. I must admit that I was flattered and somehow swayed by the romanticism of “Barcelona fever.” Maybe it is because my girlfriend and I have been in a rut lately.

But, don’t get too excited about any further naughty confessions. At the time, we were both in Carrie’s mood.

Do you remember the girls’ trip to Atlanta from Sex and the City, when all Carrie Bradshaw wanted was to have some quality time with her estranged friends?

Well, that was us. All we wanted was to have good fun without any male company.

Sorry to disappoint you!

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  1. Locuri superbe de vizitat! Multumesc pentru articol! Va scriu si eu o parere personala, pt ca aud multa lume care se plange ca nu au bani de zakynthos si mai stiu eu ce destinatii. Va intreb, ati vizitat tara asta? In care traim? Romania e plina de locuri rupte din povesti. Aruncati un ochi aici si convingeti-va https://www.romanian-journeys.com/ ,e un site de unde ma inspir si eu pentru noi detinatii si locuri de vizitat din Romania. Va incurajez sa vizitati tara noastra, e minunata!

    1. Sunt de acord cu dumneavoastra! Eu merg la mare in Romania cel putin o data la 2 ani, in plus an de an vizitez cate un loc nou (nou pt mine) din tara noastra. Chiar azi am inceput sa scriu un nou articol despre Zaga-Zaga, unde am avut ocazia sa ajung prin intermediul companiei unde lucrez intr-un team building.

      Va multumesc ca mi-ati vizitat blogul si va mai astept!

  2. Obiectivul meu pe anul 2020 este sa merg in vacante tocmai pentru astfel de locuri! Minunat..! Si al doilea obiectiv este sa merg la 2 tratamente corporale de la https://yiara.ro/ ,mi-a recomandat recent o prietena care merge de vreo 4 luni si am si vazut rezultatele pe ea

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